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Pets are a “part of the family”, and providing them with the best care is essential. Luckily, there are innovative brands that can help. Here we explore some of our  favourite brands that go the extra mile for your beloved furry family member.

  1. SpotOn Virtual Fence: This GPS-based virtual fence system creates an invisible boundary for your pets, keeping them safe and preventing them from straying. It offers real-time alerts through a collar, giving your pets freedom while ensuring their safety.
  1. FirstVet: This app offers virtual consultations with experienced veterinarians, providing convenient access to professional advice, diagnoses, and even prescriptions. You can seek veterinary care from the comfort of your home, saving unnecessary trips to the clinic and ensuring your pets receive prompt and reliable healthcare.
  1. Holly and Hugo: An online platform offering comprehensive pet care courses, Holly and Hugo provides valuable knowledge and skills to become a confident pet caretaker. From pet first aid to grooming and behavior training, these courses enhance the bond between you and your pet..
  1. MyPetSensitivity: This company helps identify and manage dietary sensitivities and allergies in pets. Their at-home testing kits allow you to pinpoint specific food triggers, enabling you to make informed decisions about your pets’ diet and ensure their health and well-being.
  1. PetPact: This site offers a range of services to assist pet owners in providing optimal care for their furry friends. They specialize in pet insurance, ensuring that you have financial protection in case of unexpected veterinary expenses.

With these innovative brands, you can enhance your pet care routine and provide your beloved 4-legged companions with the best possible support.

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